Is “Bard” the answer to “Chat GPT”??

After the huge response towards Open AI ,Chat GPT , Google introduced Bard.

Here is the 10 takeaways from the blog post by Google on Monday (6 Feb’23)-

  • AI is a profound technology with the potential to improve billions of lives.
  • Google has re-oriented its company around AI and continues to make investments in the field.
  • The scale of AI computations is doubling every six months, surpassing Moore’s Law.
  • Google has developed an experimental conversational AI service called Bard, powered by its language model LaMDA ( Language Model for Dialogue Applications).
  • Bard seeks to combine the world’s knowledge with large language models to provide fresh and high-quality responses.
  • The company is releasing Bard initially with a lightweight model version of LaMDA to scale to more users and receive more feedback.
  • Google has a long history of using AI to improve search and is now working to bring new AI advancements into its products.
  • AI can deepen our understanding of information and turn it into useful knowledge more efficiently.
  • AI-powered features in Google Search will soon distill complex information into easy-to-digest formats for users.
  • Google aims to make it easy and safe for developers to benefit from AI advances by building on top of its best models.

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