Inside the World's Quietest Room

Orfield Labs Anechoic Chamber  located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis

Here are 10 interesting things you might encounter inside: 

At -9.4 dBA, it's quieter than anything you've ever experienced. No background hum, just the sound of your own body. 

The Silence 

Blood whooshing, stomach gurgling - normally masked sounds become loud and noticeable. 

Hearing Your Body 

Lack of sound cues disrupts your sense of space; you might feel like you're floating or swaying. 


Sight becomes more dominant as sound fades, details might appear sharper. 

Heightened Senses  

The quiet can be strangely stimulating, leading to creative thinking or even hallucinations in some cases. 

Mind at Play 

With no external distractions, your internal voice might become louder and clearer. 

Inner Dialogue 

Due to the lack of echoes, it's difficult to judge how far you are from the floor by sound, making walking a bit strange. 

The Floor is Lava (Almost) 

Clap your hands, there's no echo. It's an eerie demonstration of just how soundproof the chamber is. 

Echoes Don't Exist  

The chamber is used for research on acoustics, human perception of sound, and even the effects of silence on the brain.  

Scientific Research  

Most people can't tolerate the intense quiet for more than 45 minutes, making it a unique and short-lived experience. 

Limited Time Entry 

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