Top 7 Most Expensive Paintings

Mona Lisa (Estimated value: $950 million) by Leonardo da Vinci 

This enigmatic portrait is perhaps the most famous painting in the world.  The identity of the sitter and the reason for her smile have been debated for centuries.  The Louvre museum in Paris has no intention of selling it, so its true value is impossible to determine. 

Salvator Mundi (Sold for $450.3 million) by Leonardo da Vinci 

This depiction of Jesus Christ as the "Savior of the World" was rediscovered in 2005 and later attributed to da Vinci.  It was purchased by Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 

Interchange (Sold for $300 million) by Willem de Kooning 

This abstract expressionist masterpiece by the Dutch-American artist was sold to hedge fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin. 

The Card Players (Sold for $250 million) by Paul Cézanne 

This painting is one of a series by Cézanne depicting men playing cards.  The Qatari royal family purchased it in 2011. 

Nafea Faa Ipoipo (Sold for $210 million) by Paul Gauguin 

This colorful painting by Paul Gauguin translates to "When Will You Marry?"  It depicts two Tahitian women and was purchased by a Qatari buyer in 2015. 

Number 17A (Sold for $200 million) by Jackson Pollock 

This drip painting by the abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock was purchased by hedge fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin. 

Wasserschlangen II (Sold for $183.8 million) by Gustav Klimt 

This captivating work by Austrian symbolist Gustav Klimt features a woman with flowing red hair and water serpents.  It was sold to a private collector in 2016.