The Beatles: Let It Be - 10 Rooftop Revelation

Let It Be: More Than a Song 

This iconic documentary captured a tumultuous time for the Beatles, not the peaceful vibe of the song. 

From TV to Big Screen 

Originally planned for television, the "Let It Be" film documents the recording sessions for their final album. 

Tense Times in the Studio 

The documentary doesn't shy away from the creative clashes and personal struggles that strained the band. 

A Rooftop Surprise 

In a legendary moment, the Beatles gave their final public performance on a rooftop in London! 

Raw and Energetic 

This impromptu concert became a defining image of the band, showcasing their pure musical energy. 

1970 Release 

The original film offered a glimpse into the Beatles' creative process, but with a focus on the tension. ️ 

Get Back to a Positive View 

A 2021 restoration titled "The Beatles: Get Back" provides a more positive perspective on the sessions.  

Enduring Talent 

Despite the challenges, the restored version highlights the Beatles' incredible talent and bond. 

Double the Revelation? 

A remastered version of director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s 1970 film about the Beatles will make its streaming debut on Disney Plus in May.