Team behind: Chat GPT

Chairman & CTO

Grey Brockman Alma Mater- Harvard University, MIT  Ex- Stripe (CTO)

Chief Scientist

Ilya Sutskever(37) Alma Mater- Open University of Isreal, University of Toronto  Ex- DNN Research, Google Research


Sam Altman (37) Alma Mater- Amherst College, Stanford University Co-founded Loopt & Worldcoin

Board Members

Adam D'Angelo (38) Alma Mater- California Institute of Technology Co-Founder & CEO  Quora

Reid Hoffman (55) Alma Mater- Oxford, Stanford University Co-Founder & Executive chairman  Linkedin, Co-Founder

Shivon Zilis (36) Alma Mater- Yale University Ex-IBM, Bloomberg,Tesla,Neuralink

Tasha Cauley  Alma Mater- University of Southern California, Bard College CEO Geo Sim Systems