Beyond Brackets: March Madness Madness You Never Knew Existed 

March Madness isn't just buzzer beaters and brackets! Dive deeper with quirky facts: did you know a dunk ban existed, or a 1 seed ever lost to a 16? 

March Madness grew big! 1939's debut had just 8 teams battling it out. It ballooned over time, reaching the familiar 68-team bracket in 1985. 

Upset Alert! Believe it or not, a 16th seed has ONLY won once! UMBC stunned the world in 2018, toppling powerhouse Virginia. 

No Dunks Allowed (Once!)? Believe it or not, dunks were banned from 1967-76! Safety and showboating concerns reigned, but the rule's removal in 1976 opened the door for today's iconic slams. 

March Madness Upset Alert: Perfect brackets nearly impossible! The odds of picking every winner? A crazy 1 in 9.2 quintillion! That's more than raindrops on Earth! So relax, enjoy the games, and celebrate those thrilling underdog victories! 

UConn's Double Crown! They're the only school to win BOTH men's and women's NCAA titles in the same year (2014), making March Madness truly mad!  

March Madness surprise! Twice in 10 years, 3 Final Four coaches were all first-timers! Talk about fresh blood and coaching stars on the rise. 

March Madness: Borrowed Brilliance! The iconic term wasn't born for college ball. It started with high school hoops in the 30s, then soared to fame thanks to Musburger's broadcasts.