Countries with Fastest Internet Speed  

Mobile Speed: 

United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

With an impressive average download speed of 269.41 Mbps, the UAE takes the crown for the fastest mobile internet in the world. 


Coming in second is Qatar, boasting an average mobile download speed of 206.80 Mbps 


Rounding out the top 3 for mobile speeds is Kuwait, offering an average download speed of 191.74 Mbps

Fixed Broadband Speed: 


For fixed broadband, the tiny European nation of Monaco holds the title. It boasts a jaw-dropping average download speed of 261.8 Mbps for home internet connections.  


Following closely behind is Singapore, a well-known tech hub, with an average fixed broadband download speed of 259.11 Mbps

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong takes the bronze medal for fixed broadband speed, offering an average download speed of 265.17 Mbps