7 Longest highways in the United State

U.S. Route 20 (3,365 miles) 

This highway stretches from Boston, Massachusetts on the East Coast to Newport, Oregon on the West Coast. It traverses ten states and is the longest road in the United States. 

U.S. Route 6 (3,207 miles) 

Nicknamed the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, U.S. Route 6 runs from Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod to Bishop, California on the California-Nevada border. It travels through fourteen states. 

Interstate 90 (3,102 miles) 

This east-west Interstate Highway runs from Seattle, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts. It is the longest Interstate Highway in the United States. 

U.S. Route 30 (3,073 miles)  

U.S. Route 30 stretches from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Astoria, Oregon. It passes through twelve states. 

U.S. Route 50 (3,011 miles) 

Also known as the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway, U.S. Route 50 runs from Atlantic City, New Jersey to San Francisco, California. It crosses twelve states. 

Interstate 80 (2,899 miles) 

This Interstate Highway runs from San Francisco, California to Teaneck, New Jersey. It traverses eleven states. 

U.S. Route 60 (2,670 miles) 

U.S. Route 60 runs from Arizona to Virginia, covering about 2,655 miles. It was finished in 1926 and is one of the major routes in the US Highway System.