7 Largest Datacenters in the world 

China Telecom Data Center – Inner Mongolia Information Park (Hohhot, China) 

This behemoth claims the top spot with a staggering 10.7 million square feet (almost 1 million square meters) of space 

China Mobile International Data Centre (Hohhot, China) 

Coming in second is the China Mobile International Data Centre, also located in Hohhot, China. This massive facility boasts 7.75 million square feet (around 720,000 square meters)  

Yotta NM1 (Panvel, India)  

Yotta NM1 in Panvel, India, takes the bronze medal with an impressive 5.2 million square feet (around 480,000 square meters) of data center space. 

Utah Data Center (Utah, USA)  

The United States enters the top rankings with the Utah Data Center. While specific square footage details are not readily available, it's confirmed to be one of the largest in the world. 

Lakeside Technology Center (Chicago, Illinois, USA) 

Another US entry, the Lakeside Technology Center in Chicago, offers massive data center space.  Exact square footage figures are difficult to pinpoint, but it's recognized as one of the leading data centers in the country. 

QTS Metro Data Center (Ashburn, Virginia, USA) 

Ashburn, Virginia, is a major hub for data centers, and the QTS Metro Data Center is a significant player.  While specific square footage isn't widely available, it's known for its vast data storage capacity and caters to a diverse clientele. 

Alibaba Cloud Zhangbei Data Center (Zhangbei County, China) 

China makes a third appearance on this list with the Alibaba Cloud Zhangbei Data Center. This facility prioritizes high availability and utilizes innovative cooling techniques to house its numerous data halls with an estimated capacity of 50,000 server racks each.