7 Invention You Didn't Know About Biomimicry

Biomimicry is the practice of learning from and imitating nature to solve human problems. It's a fascinating field that has led to a wide range of innovations, from new materials to more efficient designs. Here are seven examples of biomimicry in action:


Inspired by the burrs that cling to animal fur, Velcro uses tiny hooks and loops to create a strong, yet easily separated, fastener. 

Self-Cleaning Surfaces  

Lotus leaves inspired the creation of surfaces that repel dirt and water. These surfaces find use in everything from windows to building materials. 


Researchers studied the secretions of a sandcastle worm, which can create an incredibly strong adhesive underwater. This knowledge helped in developing new, powerful glues. 

Microneedles for Drug Delivery 

Inspired by the painless bite of a mosquito, microneedles offer a painless and efficient way to deliver medication through the skin. 

Solar Cells 

Butterfly wings hold the secret! Scientists are studying the light-trapping properties of certain butterfly wings to improve the efficiency of solar cells. 

Water-Collecting Fog Harvesters 

Inspired by the Namib Desert beetle, which collects water from morning fog, scientists are developing structures that can harvest water from the atmosphere in arid regions. . 

Shark Skin Swimsuits 

Speedo's Fastskin suit mimicked the microscopic ridges on shark skin, reducing drag and leading to record-breaking swims. 

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