10 Shaboozey Facts: From Basketball Star to Genre-Bending Music Maverick

From Basketball to Beats 

Shaboozey was a promising high school basketball player before pursuing music full-time. His stage name is a play on his high school nickname, "Shabba Doo." 

Unexpected Inspiration 

One of Shaboozey's musical influences is Johnny Cash,  the legendary "Man in Black."  He credits Cash's storytelling ability and genre-bending spirit as a major inspiration. 

Sampling Savvy 

Shaboozey is known for his clever use of samples in his music.  His 2018 track "Robert Plant" incorporates elements from a Led Zeppelin song, showcasing his ability to weave classic rock with modern hip-hop. 

Fashion Forward 

Shaboozey isn't afraid to push boundaries with his fashion sense.  He often incorporates Western wear staples like Stetsons and boots into his outfits, but with a hip-hop twist, like pairing them with streetwear or bold jewelry. 

Activism Through Music 

Shaboozey uses his platform to speak out about social issues.  Several of his songs touch on themes of racial equality and social justice. 

Gaming Guru 

When he's not creating music, Shaboozey is a passionate gamer.  He's known for his live streams and enjoys playing a variety of games, from first-person shooters to online RPGs. 

Foodie at Heart 

Shaboozey is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves exploring different cuisines.  He frequently posts about his culinary adventures on social media, showcasing his love for everything from traditional soul food to international dishes. 

Animal Advocate 

Shaboozey is a strong advocate for animal rights.  He has partnered with animal shelters and rescue organizations to raise awareness about pet adoption. 

Secret Singer 

While known for his rapping, Shaboozey also has a phenomenal singing voice.  He often surprises fans with soulful vocals on his tracks and during live performances. 

Acting Aspirations 

Shaboozey has expressed interest in pursuing acting in the future.  His charisma and stage presence suggest he could easily transition to the big screen.