10 Fast Facts About Rising Star Malachi Flynn

Mr. Championship 

Malachi Flynn's collegiate career was decorated with championships. He won two state titles in high school and a national championship with Villanova University in 2020 

Late Bloomer 

Flynn wasn't a highly touted recruit coming out of high school, but he impressed scouts with his steady improvement and leadership at Villanova. 

Draft Day Surprise 

Projected as a late first-round pick, Malachi Flynn surprisingly fell to the Toronto Raptors at 19th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. 

Nickname Mania 

Flynn's quickness and playmaking skills earned him the nicknames "Quickflynn" and "Maple Leaf Mamba" (a play on Kobe Bryant's nickname "Black Mamba"). 

Canadian Connection 

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Flynn actually holds dual citizenship with Canada thanks to his family heritage. 

Floor General in the Making 

Flynn is known for his high basketball IQ, court vision, and ability to orchestrate the offense.  

Defense First 

While offense is a strength, Malachi Flynn is also a tenacious defender who disrupts passing lanes and applies good on-ball pressure. 

Learning from Kyle Lowry 

Backing up veteran point guard Kyle Lowry has been a valuable learning experience for Flynn, who soaks up knowledge from one of the best in the league. 

Future with the Raptors?  

With Lowry nearing the end of his career, Flynn is seen as a potential long-term solution at point guard for the Toronto Raptors. 

Rising Star  

Malachi Flynn is an exciting young talent with a bright future ahead of him in the NBA.